• 1 Lesson

    Accomplishing Organizational Goals with Change Leadership Certificate Program

    Duration: 1.25 hr
    SHRM: 1.25 PDC
    HRCI: 1.25 Business

    Change is an everyday part of life and skillfully navigating change is essential. This training equips participants with tools to respond to the phases of change and to lead change effectively.

  • 1 Lesson

    Bully Free Workplace Certificate Program

    Duration: 1 hr 30 min
    SHRM: 1.5 PDC
    HRCI: 1.5 General

    Course Objective/Summary:  In this 1.5-hour session, participants will focus on the components of preventing Workplace Bullying. The identification and enforcement of a Workplace Bullying policy is essential for prevention.   The appropriate identification of behaviors that lead to Workforce Bullying. 

    An effective prevention program for Workplace Bullying is critical for any organization.  It ensures that your organization is building a safe workplace culture with a no-tolerance for bullying.  As organizations implement this policy it reduces legal risks and costs attributed to hostile workplaces.  

    How Will this Training Benefit Me and What’s Covered? 

    • Define Workplace Bullying 
    • Identify the impacts of Workplace Bullying on individuals, workgroups, and organizations 
    • Establish a Workplace Bullying Policy 
    • Legal & Financial Impacts of Bullying 
    • The Role of HR in Bullying 
    • Responding appropriately to instances of bullying 
    • 4-types of Bullies 
    • Preventing Bullies and Rehabilitation  
    • Documenting & Filing Grievances 
    • The role of Employee Assistance Programs 
  • 1 Lesson

    Effectively Leading HR Projects & Initiatives Certificate Program

    Duration: 2 hr
    SHRM: 2.0 PDC
    HRCI: 2.0 General

    Organizations depend on HR to successfully deliver key initiatives. Today’s HR professionals need the skills to lead multiple HR Projects effectively. This introduction to “Leading HR Projects and Initiatives” is designed to provide HR Professionals with the required skills for leading projects.

  • 1 Lesson

    Inspire, Motivate and Lead by Influence to Accomplish Organizational Strategies

    Duration: 1 hr
    SHRM: 1.0 PDC
    HRCI: 1.0 Business

    Becoming skillful at the art of influence is one of the most meaningful and powerful leadership skills one can possess. This session is designed to help participants learn how to inspire, motivate and influence others and the decisions they make.  Learn how to Influence others regardless of where you are, regardless of your authority.  The art of influence drastically improves your ability to build relationships, gain admiration, confidence, trust, and interact effectively with others.

  • 1 Lesson

    Leading Multiple Generations in the Workplace Certificate Program

    Duration: 1 hr
    SHRM: 1.0 PDC
    HRCI: 1.0 General

    Leaders are increasingly challenged with managing multi-generations in the workplace. Differing expectations, mindsets, work styles, and communication styles contribute to generational gaps and conflict in the workplace. This webinar will provide strategies and recommendations for recruiting, retaining, and leading across generations. It will also focus on proven techniques for creating multi-generation friendly cultures and workplaces. Areas Covered in this Training:

    • Identify the benefits & challenges of Leading Multiple Generations.
    • Identify strategies for overcoming generational gaps in the workplace.
    • Leading effectively with Multiple Generations
    • Building a Multi-Generational friendly culture.
  • 1 Lesson

    Leading Virtual Teams Certificate Program

    Duration: 1 hr
    SHRM: 1.0 PDC
    HRCI: 1.0 General

    Today’s leaders are facing new and unprecedented challenges.  One of those challenges is how to lead and engage virtual teams. Teams are learning how to work effectively in this new virtual world of work. This online session helps leaders to develop the critical skills needed to lead and engage virtual teams, build accountability, increase collaboration, and deliver results in a virtual environment. The session will also provide tools for working successfully across multiple locations, geographies, and cultural differences.   Participants will also gain an understanding of the communication and collaboration tools needed to deliver results in a virtual environment.

    Areas Covered in the Session:

    • Ways to lead teams more effectively in the virtual environment
    • Benefits of Virtual/Remote Teams
    • Maximizing your Leading Styles in the Virtual Environment
    • Best Practices for Leading Virtually
    • Tips on Virtual Meetings - how to make them more effective and more creative
    • Virtual Team Building
    • Accountability in the Virtual Environment
      • Accountability with Flexibility
    • Virtual Teams and building Employee Engagement
    • Rewards & Recognition in the Virtual Environment
    • Summary & Call to Action
  • 1 Lesson

    Leveraging the Power of Emotional Intelligence: A Must for Business Leaders

    Duration: 4 hr
    SHRM: 4.0 PDC
    HRCI: 4.0 General

    Experts agree that enhancing your emotional intelligence will significantly improve the quality of your life. On a personal level, emotional intelligence helps you build and maintain healthy relationships. Emotional Intelligence helps you communicate better, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces conflict, makes you empathetic, overcoming life's challenges. On a professional level, Emotional Intelligence is linked to career success. It increases your chances of leading your team to excellence, raises your salary, and consequently adds more zeros to your bank account balance.  Yes, it's true, IQ can get you the job but EQ will get you the promotion. Emotional Intelligence is about blending your thoughts with your feelings and emotions and to be intentional with your decision-making process so that it fosters healthy and successful relationships with yourself and others.  In this course, you will learn to become more self-aware of your emotions, more aware and empathetic towards others’ emotions, and develop long term strategies to implement new patterns of thought and reaction to enhance your Emotional Intelligence. With the guidance of our instructor, you will learn to unleash the power within and around you by refining and leveraging your Emotional Intelligence.