• 1 Lesson

    Increasing the Organization’s Bottom Line Through Succession Planning

    Duration: 2 hr 15 min
    SHRM: 2.25 PDC
    HRCI: 2.25 Business

    In this 2-hour and 15-minute session, participants will focus on the components of effective Succession Planning and Management. The identification of the Knowledge, Skills, and abilities for key roles.  The appropriate identification of High Potential Leaders, Successors, and Future-Gap Successors.  Examining the Succession Planning Process and addressing Development Plans. An effective succession management strategy is critical for any organization.  It ensures you have the right talent in the right place at the right time to activate, drive, and execute your business strategy.  As the organization evaluates its current state of succession management, we recommend that leadership follow 3 steps: What talent do you need?  What talent do you have and How do you close the gap?