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Jan 26

2-Day Strategic HR Leadership Certificate Program: Winning A Seat At The Table (Starts Jan 26 2023)

January 26, 2023 @ 10:00 am - January 27, 2023 @ 6:00 pm


We all agree that employees are our greatest asset, but how often do we see organizations treating employees as assets? Gallup analytics reveal that just 33% of United States workers and even a lower percentage of global employees are engaged at work, even though engagement is only one component of aligning, and building a great workforce. The role of HR leaders has been evolving for years and of course, the pandemic, political and social topics, and concerns dramatically accelerated this evolution. It is more evident now than ever that HR must adapt to the shift from supporting, administrative roles, to leadership, supporting and guiding organizational principles and KPIs of core business functions. Realize and understand why HR is seated firmly in the chair at the executive table as a strategic partner and is viewed as the bridge between the workforce and the organization.

Continuing Education Credits

HRCI – 14 HR(General) Credits   •   SHRM – 14 PDC’s


  • Day 1 – 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Eastern Time
    • 15 Minute Break at 12:15 PM ET
    • 1 Hour Lunch at 2:00 PM ET
    • 15 Minute Break at 4:45 PM ET
  • Day 2 – 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Central Time
    • 15 Minute Break at 12:15 PM ET
    • 1 Hour Lunch at 2:00 PM ET
    • 15 Minute Break at 4:45 PM ET

Seminar Fee Includes:

Free consulting service on questions related to the Certificate Program for 3 months starting the day of the seminar. The participant will be provided with an email address and they will get a response within 48 hours.

  • Seminar Material
  • A hard copy of the presentation
  • Interactive Process Package
  • Certificate

Why You Should Attend this Workshop

By joining this comprehensive training program, “HR – Winning a Seat at the Table,” you will understand why HR doesn’t need a seat at the table; HR is the table. It’s essential for HR to build strong relationships with people at all levels, but it’s even more important for HR and the CEO to develop a strong relationship. When a strong relationship is present, it allows HR leaders to inspire real change. HR partners are in the room when high-level decisions are being made that impact the company’s success. In this training program, we will thoroughly cover such areas as, but not all-inclusive of the following:

  • Why it’s imperative for HR to have a stake in the game
  • What it means to have a seat
  • How to navigate and own your seat with courage and confidence
  • Guidelines, tools, and resources to show your value in the overall company’s success and sustainability.
  • When it’s time to build your own table

  1. Pre-Test
  2. What is meant by “HR: Having a Seat at the Table
  • Entitled to the seat or not
  • Evolution of HR
  • Why you have a stake
  • Understanding the business on an intimate level
  1. “Strategy” – What is it? What it’s NOT!
  2. “Strategic Planning”
  • Is it beneficial
  • Where should start
  1. Why Now?
  • HR Strategy
  • Earn Your Seat
  • Changes at a rapid pace
  • Understanding the direction and the shift
  1. Competitive Forces that shape “Strategy”
  2. Tips on being a more strategic thinker. Forecast and plan the workforce for a successful future
  • SWOT analysis
  • Scanning the environment
  • Tactical Thinking vs. Strategic Influence
  1. Future-Ready Organizations
  2. Communication, Communication, Communication
  3. Understanding the Business and Financial Acumen
  • Guidance in translating to CEOs and Senior Executives the value of HR, talent management initiatives, employee engagement, and root causes of the business
  1. Key steps to earning a seat at the table
  2. How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion impact the business
  3. Imposter syndrome: Why it’s important and why it matters!
  4. Are leaders born? Qualities that great leaders possess
  5. Qualities Great Leaders Possess
  6. Manager vs. Leader
  7. Elevating the employee experience through strategic HR
  8. What should you bring to the table?
  • Best Practices
  • Future-Proof
  1. Knowing and understanding at least four characteristics of what future-ready companies have in common.
  • Knowing what they are
  • What they stand for
  • They operate with a fixation on speed and simplicity
  • All seek to grow through upskilling, innovation, and continuous learning
  1. Leading through change & implementing positive change
  2. Preparing the business for success during the next wave of change
  3. Understanding the term “Employees aren’t quitting their jobs… they’re quitting their bosses
  4. Connecting teams to a larger purpose
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Communicate how the team’s work impacts and affects people within the company, externally, and from a community standpoint
  • Ability to articulate the business strategy & how your team contributes to the strategy
  1. The new possible: How HR can guide, advise, and build the organization of the future (Forecasting)
  2. Talent
  3. The TIER-C Factor
  • Trust
  • Influential
  • Emotional Intelligent
  • Reliable
  • Credible
  1. Being a trusted advisor
  2. What are the BIGGEST Derailers
  3. Building Brand, Credibility, and Trust
  4. Going beyond knowledge- adopting a capability mindset
  5. Activities/Group Discussion
  6. 4 Capabilities of Enterprise Leaders: Perform & Transform
  7. Improving decision-making skills for the next level
  • Being intentional
  • Aligning strategies to meet the goals of the business
  • How do you influence and help the organization achieve a competitive advantage
  1. Becoming more data-driven and why it’s necessary
  2. Communicating that includes rational and justification
  3. Guest Speaker- Owner of Power Vision and Destination Trucking and Logistics Company to give a 30-minute presentation on owning the seat and the table, why he chose to take this path, and what he looks for in leaders to bring value to the business
  4. Embracing and understanding the concept of agency:
  • Taking an action
  • Intervening in a situation
  • Idea of a goal to produce a particular outcome
  1. Optimizing workflows to manage critical data better
  2. Gaining a deeper knowledge of metrics and how it relates to business objectives
  3. Understanding what it takes to make calculated business decisions
  4. Aligning strategies to meet goals of the business
  5. Knowing the difference between what’s important to HR and what’s relevant to the business
  6. Trying to show that you’re impacting the Executive vs. Being the impact
  7. The financial and cultural impacts of effective recognition
  8. Recruiting and retaining talent in an evolving labor market
  9. Everchanging Trends
  10. Setting Yourself Apart
  11. The Art of Practice
  12. Driving High Performance
  13. Execution of Strategies:
  • Consistency
  • Communication & Buy-In
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Continuous Competence & Integration
  1. “Leaning In” Financial/Mental/Physical Well-being
  2. Why Connections Matter
  3. Pragmatic tools to get HR Leaders ready for the next level, no matter where the HR Leader is in their journey
  4. Key Objectives to “Secure the Seat”
  5. Courageous Leadership
  6. Overview of the “Competitive Advantage”
  7. Building Strategic Muscle
  8. Strategic HR Leader
  9. Think Differently
  10. Self-Care
  11. Post-Test Review
  12. Q&A’s


January 26, 2023 @ 10:00 am
January 27, 2023 @ 6:00 pm
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